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Great Lakes Detail Shop

We provide you with the very best in ALL Areas of Automotive Detailing and Rejuvenation.

We specialize in all aspects of new and vintage vehicles protection reconditioning, and proprietary ceramic and polymer coatings.

Silver Treatment:

Excellent protection designed for annual renewal application Achieve maximum brilliance and protection with all the benefits of Ceramic Coating without ever waxing your finish again. Very popular among car show and event participants.


Our Glass Ceramic Coating provides a clean and clearer protective coating over glass improving driver visibility in all weather conditions. It is designed to protect your windshield, windows, mirrors, headlamps, and all other glass surfaces from micro scratches and hazing.

Gold Treatment:

Ceramic Nano Coating

Our most popular GLDS Ceramic Coating is a Durable, Color Enhancing Gloss which Protects Exterior Surfaces including Paint, Metal, Exhaust, Stainless Steel, and Wheels. GLDS Gold acts as a second clear coat that provides increased protection against the elements. It creates a chemical bond with the existing surface finishes molecular structure, GLDS Gold cannot be washed off resulting in a hard protective shield that preserves the surface.


Premium Interior Coating that is Super Hydrophobic based on Advanced Nanotechnology to Protect ALL Leather, Fabric, Vinyl, Carpet, Plastics, Wood, and Other Composite interior surfaces. Other coatings become stiff while GLDS' Interior Coating protects retaining your original natural look and feel.

Platinum Treatment:

Premium Ceramic Nano Coating

Our GLDS Flagship Product! Previously unachievable levels of gloss are now the new standard for perfection in achieving the ultimate luster and finish, durability, and chemical resistance. Our Premium and Longest Lasting coating, GLDS Platinum enhances all colors with Ceramic Nano Protection, Black and Dark Tones will appear deeper; Red and Bright tones will Reflect like never before; and Lighter Tones such as White and Silver will look as if dipped in glass. Platinum is a Lifetime Product. Never wax your vehicle again.

GLDS Provides you with the following
  • Exterior Paint Correction, Flattening, Decontaminate, Machine Polish & Application of Protective & Enhancing ceramic Nano Coatings
  • Interior Detailing Shampoo & Dye Carpets, Seat Covers & Headliner Replacement Stain Blockers & Coatings
  • Headlamp Lens Deglazing & Brightening
  • Emblems; Vinyl Stripes & Billboard Designs & Applications
  • Undercarriage - Clean & Degrease Paint & Detail
  • Engine Bay Detailing Clean E & Degrease Paint & Detail

Exclusive Proprietary Coatings for Multi-Surface Enhancement & Protection Applications for Consistent Unmatched Paint Protection, Hardness, and Brilliance.

Protection From Harmful Corrosives

From salt to sand, exhaust fumes, pollutants, insect contaminants, moisture, and UV rays, our coatings provide a semi-permanent ceramic coating that won't wash off like wax, polish or sealant ensuring years of protection.

Application Versatility

Powerful protection for everything from steel and aluminum to leather, vinyl, fabric, plastics, and glass.

UV Protection

Maximum protection on all exterior and interior surfaces